Professional Profile

Bachelor Degree in Computer Sciences, MEB, Graduate in Business Management , MCSE with experience in Process Reengineering, Information Technologies Project Management , ITIL and excellent English level.

Key areas of development: technology, information, processes, relationships & social media

Technology - Global IT

Assume roles directly related to the business and the trend as the automation of tasks. Understand the implications of technology and its applications.


Information - making the better decision

Operate in the field of design and management of information with deep knowledge of when and how a particular business needs, uses, analyzes, manages and distributes such information. Assume roles of such policy and action areas including self data warehousing, data management, Internet design, information management and content management. The ability to also understand how businesses using or planning to use the information.


Optimization and Reengineering Process and Continuous Improvement

Tasks related to the design domain and process management, closely related to the areas of business processes, operational processes and project management. Ensure efficient implementation of processes at one of the most powerful tools to improve the competitiveness of organizations.

Relationships - Outsourcing

Excellent facility with words and persuasive communicator, adaptable and able to work together. Diplomatic skills, dedication of much of the time for negotiation, persuasion and social networking. The management of external relationships with suppliers, for example, or internal, with the various business units.


Social Media

Through this dynamic, social networks and the tools Web 2.0 is changing the way companies communicate and interact with their customers and how consumers interact with each other.

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